Traveling Alone

As travellers  we often wish for the opportunity to travel alone, maybe our partners or friends don’t have the same desire to travel to our favourite destinations or in some cases we don’t know someone that shares our interests.

I came across a site that can help find travel partners and maybe lifelong partners with people that share the same interests in travel. Maybe give them a try, it’s a great idea and maybe your travels in the coming year will take on a whole new meaning.

Having enjoyed a visit to Aspen, Colorado last month and Arizona set for January and then off to Europe next Spring, mu calendar is filling once again as we relax a little after Covid restrictions. Do wear a mask though, they do work and of course get vaccinated including the booster and let’s get back to safe travel.

Some of you might know that I have a retail website that includes carefully selected suppliers from a wide range of categories. These suppliers have shown themselves to adopt good environmental and nature friendly policies.

I invite you to visit the website which is at

Thank you and have a safe and Happy Christmas and the Holidays. Let’s get back to traveling next year!


Singles Vacations


Singles Vacations