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Hello and welcome to the Lord Huff and Puff Soapbox.

Life has changed completely since early 2020 and we are all apprehensive as to the future and what it means for our health and finances.

Politics are in turmoil both sides of the Atlantic and divisiveness is resulting in totally polarized positions particularly in the USA under Trump.

At the time of writing at least in Europe, which has been reasonably successful in reducing the spread of Covid-19, travel has re-started in a limited way between countries that have achieved an acceptable level of transmission.

In these depressing times, it is important to look forward to an eventual return to normality and normal travel, dining and sports without the need for strict virus precautions.

Lord Huff and Puff intends to be part of this recovery and will welcome your input for mutual benefit. Apart from tips, help from us, we want to include you and hope for your useful but respectful responses. Any suggestions for content that you would like to see included on the site, featured products for example will be welcomed, but above all be respectful of other contributor’s views.

Follow Lord Huff and Puff as we journey into a better future.

Welcome and Enjoy!

– Lord Huff and Puff