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Covid-19 is causing much uncertainty and chaos at the present time. Always make sure that your travel insurance covers all of the possibilities and that you understand any coverage limitations. In view of changing quarantine requirements with different countries make sure that you have a back up plans, such as what happens to pets in kennels, do you have sufficient prescription medications with you etc should there be a significant delays to your travel plans and you find yourself marooned abroad.

If having to quarantine upon your return to your home country will cause employment issues, maybe you should think twice before booking an overseas holiday.

Some hints and tips might seem too obvious to include here but after 50+ years of frequent travelling, I have seen on numerous occasions travel plans come to grief even before the aircraft is boarded.

As I know that many travel bloggers view my site, I invite any hints or tips based on their experience and are willing to share.

I always find it necessary to make a list, maybe that’s my age showing but I always have. Of course basic essentials like passports, visas, itinerary, boarding passes if pre-issued, credit cards, foreign currency, hotel/accommodation details and contact details. It is also prudent to make note of the relevant embassy in the unlikely event that something happens, for example robbery, health etc. Also useful are packing cubes that come in all shapes and sizes to help organise items of clothing etc in your suitcase. You can even buy compressions cubes which can reduce the volume of bulky items such as sweaters by up to 80%. Travel iron if appropriate, Don’t forget your walking shoes and don’t make the first time of use when you are hiking in the mountains. Wear them in before you leave. A flashlight can be useful as not all destinations have a reliable power supply, that’s another reason why phones, laptops etc should be charged at every opportunity. Keep a diary, to help bring those travel memories to life.



Engagement rings and fine jewelry.

Packing such a kit plus extras, personal prescription medications, anti diarrhea medication, contraception. The Tamuli Health/First Aid Kit above is very useful and provides some basic requirements. Also take antiseptic wipes and water purification tablets or water filter for the purpose. Make sure that you check for any required vaccinations when you start planning. Make sure that your tetanus is up to date.

Everyone has their own idea of how to pack. I find that rolling clothes rather than folding results in less creasing. Maybe overly cautious, but I tend to split clothing into two cases in case one is mislaid but that’s just me. Take a luggage scale to make sure that those must have items bought abroad haven’t tipped you into additional baggage costs. A money belt is a good idea as pick pockets are not uncommon.

Don’t forget batteries and chargers for phone and cameras, universal power adaptors, check your destination for details of the required power source but universal adaptors are readily available at the airport if forgotten. Another essential is a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 preferably a formulation that is kind to reefs and aquatic life, such as at stream2sea Sunscreens available at http://www.lordhuffandpuff.net an ecoConscious reef safe and biodegradable sunscreen. Don’t forget the lip balm with an SPF. Insect repellant, oral rehydration treatment as the RecoveryORS or similar through Amazon.

To be continued

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