Covid -19

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As we’ve all been told, there are several symptoms of the coronavirus which can include a high temperature, a new continuous cough, a loss or change to your smell or taste. If you do have these symptoms don’t go to your doctor’s surgery, pharmacy or hospitals. Contact your doctor for recommendations and the local test centre.

Currently there are 216 countries (as of 31st July 2020) with 668,000 confirmed deaths and over 17 million confirmed cases.

In the case of Europe a strict lock down was instigated in March and most people followed the instructions, gradually in July the lock down was eased, risky though that was. testing and tracing was a tool used and now at the end of July, any hotspots are immediately pounced on and movement restricted to stamp out quickly.

In the USA leadership was sadly lacking, to the point that the virus was regarded as a hoax by Trump and therefore valuable time was lost before locking down, Even during lockdown there were many that ignored the requirement and then against the advice of scientists and medical experts many States reopened. The results are self evident in the USA. The virus spread is now almost out of control particularly in the south.

Advice and sensible requests to wear face masks was hampered by a President even seen to mock wearing them. Now after yet further delays, Trump half heartedly suggests wearing them. In his briefings on Covid-19, much of what is said is far from actual reality. It is a sad reflection that due to grossly incompetent leadership State and Federal.

With a little over 4.25% of the World’s population, the USA has 25% of the deaths resulting from Covid-19.

There is no other country even close to the USA in deaths and infection

Of course there are conspiracy theories suggesting magical ways to rid the body the virus, some harmless others less so. Hydroxychloroquine – This medication is normally used against Malaria which is a serious illness caused by infected mosquitoes and one of the biggest killers in the world particularly in the Sub Sahara Africa. Various studies have been carried out using this medication for Covid-19 but studies show that it does not help with the virus, but does pose serious side effects in some cases including heart, kidneys and liver issues. Always refer to your doctor for medical advice on treatments as taking such medication could pose serious issues with interaction with other medications that you may be taking.

Update: At the time of writing 6th August 2020, approximately 1000 deaths a day , ALMOST 1 PER MINUTE are occurring in the USA attributed to coronavirus. Lack of leadership, never really closing down aggressively enough, the stupidity of protesting the wearing of masks in situations where distancing is difficult. The threats to Dr. Fauci are difficult to comprehend as the President and others are in denial, empathy being rarely offered by the White House and Trump.

As of the 16th August, deaths from Covid-19 in the USA are over 170,000 and adding 1000 every day. Lack of leadership from State Level and Trump’s White House being the main cause!




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