Bangkok, Thailand

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Grand palace and Wat phra keaw at sunset at Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, a city of contrasts, busy, bustling always vibrant 24 hours every day, but then the people, gentle and polite. Treat yourself to a suit or dress, get measured and the item of clothing is delivered to your hotel hours later. Take a tuk tuk ride around the bustling streets for a unique view of the capital.

There are many 5+ Star hotels in Bangkok. I stayed at the Shangri-la on the banks of the Chao Phraya River which day and night is a hive of activity.

A frequent sight on the Chao Phraya River. The barges are often the source of income and living accommodation. I often looked from the windows of the Shangri-La bedroom in the small hours of the morning to see these multi barge flotillas making their way up and down the river day and night. Often you can see vegetation that has drifted down from the jungles further up stream. The rover is 372 Kms (231 miles) from The river flows through the fertile plains of Thailand out into the Gulf of Thailand. The debris picked up during its flow can be clearly seen with green vegetation to the water colour which is the soil dragged into the river on its meandering. The river is somewhat polluted as the many canals that feed into the river are often used as dumping grounds for wastewater from factories and general refuse.

It is certainly worth a trip on the river for stunning views of the palace and a unique view of how people live on the banks. Sadly on my last visit many of the waterside homes had been inundated with water from the river during flood conditions. There are many choices of transport, ferries, water taxis, rice barges and long-tailed boats. The latter often being a watercraft powered by an automotive engine. They travel quite rapidly so expect some spray from the river during the trip.

Debris from the upper reaches of the river as it flows to Bangkok and into the Gulf.
Floating supermarkets Bangkok style

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