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The iconic view of Mount Kilimanjaro (19341 ft asl) in Tanzania from Amboseli a park in southern Kenya.

Amboseli park is about 150 miles from Nairobi. The park covers 392 and forms part of the 3000 Amboseli ecosystem. Large concentrations of wildlife can be seen here in the dry season.

Being an easy, if sometimes rough, trip from both Nairobi and Mombasa on the Indian Ocean coast, it is a popular destination for those wanting a quick safari experience. However it is a large park and wildlife is almost guaranteed and outside the main areas, you can still be out in the wild plains full with elephant, giraffe and others including lion, often seen lazing after gouging on their freshly caught usually breakfast.

I first visited Kenya in the early 80’s and always I would visit a destination once because there was always more of the world that I wanted to see. That changed once I had visited Kenya for I fell in love with the excitement of the vast plains, sometimes teeming with animals. I remember watching a Wildebeest giving birth and eagerly coaxing her calf to get on its feet and start moving. Hyenas are plentiful and are opportunists knowing the February and March are the usual birth months.

Tsavo National Park is considerably larger than Amboseli and it was in this park that my driver took on board an armed escort complete with a rapid fire rifle. It was back in the 1980’s and during my second trip to Kenya. There had been some success in catching poachers and cutting back the devastating loss of animals particularly elephants. The income for the poachers was cut and so a small number took to holding up safari vehicles crossing the vastness of the plains. We always booked mostly through Kuoni Travel who we found to be excellent and just organised a safari vehicle and driver. The driver/guide always knew the best viewing areas and we were able to stay away from other tourists and just enjoy the wildlife and stunning vistas.

The Great Rift Valley in Kenya is a series of contiguous geographic trenches some 6000kms in total length.

Samburu Lodge in the Samburu a 21,000 km game park in northern Kenya. When I first visited Samburu it was my favourite park, less visited than the parks closer to Nairobi. It was a long dusty drive but with the journey, at the time it was home to much wildlife. However, my last visit a couple of years later it was suffering a severe drought and it was upsetting to see elephants trying to cool off in not much more than puddles. I believe that the situation has improved.

Samburu is home to the Samburu people who are semi-nomadic pastoralists who heard mainly cattle but also sheep, goats and camels.

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