Eilat, Israel

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A road near Eilat passing through the beautiful Negev Desert

One of my favourite winter destinations is Eilat in Israel which 60 years ago was a shanty style frontier town, but Eilat has developed rapidly into a major resort with superb diving in the Red Sea, however, if you aren’t inclined to dive to see the numerous and varied tropical fish there is an underwater observatory where I viewed my friend scuba diving from the safety of the observatory. In fact the Red Sea at Eilat has one of the world’s most magnificent coral reefs.

Coral and exotic fish in the Red Sea

The Eilat Undersea Observatory where you can view the multitude of amazing tropical fish

Eilat is a 4 hour journey through the magnificent scenery of the Negev Desert (meaning dry) to Jerusalem and is one of my favourite drives that I have ever taken. Take care on this extremely rain days because flash floods can catch you out. The Negev Desert in fact covers more than half the total land area of Israel and it is scenically beautiful. The Desert feels wild, barren and dry. Temperatures can reach into the 40’s with any rainfall usually in the winter months.

The Mushroom rock in the Southern Negev Desert

The road through the Negev Desert on the way north to Jerusalem

Pillars in the Negev Desert

To be continue

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