Hydroxychloroquine Cure or Lies?

Jul 12, 2020 | Current Affairs | 0 comments

HERMAN CAIN age 74 and former Presidential candidate dies of Covid-19. Cain attended the Tulsa Trump rally where mask wearing was rare.

Trump suggests delaying the election, which he has no authority to do. He cited not trusting mail in voting with absolutely no evidence to back it up.

Hydroxychloroquine fact or fiction?

 To hear Trump talk about the use of hydroxychloroquine, it’s the magic medication that he touts as the “cure” ignoring the many distinguished doctors and scientists who warn against using it for anything other than its intended use which is an anti material medication.

There are no studies of any consequence that show this medication to be effective against Covid-19. They also warn about the side effects that can cause issues with heart and other organs of the body. It is nonsense to think that the Pharma industry are somehow hiding the beneficial use the medication for Covid-19. Sadly there are many that spout ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Sadly, even the President involves himself in idiotic conspiracy theories at a time when almost 150,000 are dead from a failed response to the Pandemic. While other countries have followed sensible close-downs and for long enough to keep the virus at bay and therefore slowed down the virus spread and recommended wearing face masks and distancing, Trump initially called it a hoax wasting time for the initial spread. An eventual half hearted close down which was wifey ignored. Then an early opening particularly in Florida shows the results that we now see, an out of control pandemic, with the US population being 4.25% of the world but with 25% of the deaths. Hospitals are running out of ICU rooms and it is without question utter chaos, with the world shaking their heads in disbelief at the level of incompetence in the USA.

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USA Covid-19 spread seems to be out of control with a President that seems indifferent to the extent of the crisis or chooses to turn a blind eye to the overwhelming effect of the crisis. Seemingly he seems to be more interested in election than taking decisive action and actually acting like a leader. The only other Country to have such a widespread and out of control situation is Brazil. Both countries appear to have the same science denying leaders.


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