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It seems that every election is claimed as the most important in our lifetime.

However, the 2020 election is in my opinion the most important election in a very long time. I don’t think that anyone whether Republican or Democrat could ever have imagined the divisiveness that would develop in less than a single Trump term. The hatred and lies that daily meet us when we turn on the news has taken the shine off the American image, the alienation of longtime allies of the USA have been stretched to a point where Europe is actively looking at pulling away from the transatlantic partnership, or at least the trust level is no longer as obvious as it was with prior Administrations.

It is not my intent for this blog be a totally partisan commentary, but it is true that I am much more sympathetic to the Democratic Party at least while the Republican Party have a man without vision, honesty, strategy, empathy as their leader.

I live on both sides of the Atlantic and I have been stunned at how in less than 4 years, the trust and respect that the world had for the USA in prior Administrations, yes, even the Bush Administration. It is a tangible difference that is sad to witness.

During this global pandemic of the Covid-19 Trump has been cataclysmic in the way that he has mishandled the pandemic. The end result is that the virus is running out of control at the time of writing this post. The absurdity of Trump blaming testing as the reason for the soaring infections is laughable and of course as closing down will affect the economy and thus more bad information that could affect his election prospects, already pretty low. It appears that he has chosen that route rather than look after the well being of American citizens and their health.

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