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It came as no surprise that Trump would not go quietly if defeated but even I have been amazed at the extent of his lies and insane challenges once he had been clearly defeated, by a margin that in 2016 he had claimed was a landslide victory. The insanity of the claims of fraud being perpetrated by Trump and his grifter supporters is truly unbelievable and a considerable embarrassment to the USA in the eyes of the sane majority in the country and globally for sure.

I’ve travelled to and from the US and UK for many years living long periods in both and have observed a marked deterioration in the US in the past 4 years. Trump’s leadership has resulted in alienation of allies and praise for countries not exactly prominent in valuing Human Rights. 

President – Elect Biden has a record over many years of working across both sides of the political spectrum and respected as a politician with empathy and leadership skills that have been missing for the past four years.

The Electoral Vote for the 2020 election clearly shows that Trump was defeated in a landslide with the same number of electoral votes that Trump, as mentioned, regarded as a landslide win for Trump in 2016. The popular vote win was 7 million more votes for Biden than for Trump.

It is indeed a great shame that the USA is being dragged down into the realms a Banana Republic by a man showing next to no responsible action to fight the pandemic, now taking the lives of 3000 Americans every day.

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