To wear a Face Mask or Not?

Jul 8, 2020 | Current Affairs | 0 comments

Never in my life would I ever think that wearing a face mask in the middle of a pandemic would become a political football.

There is clear evidence that wearing a face mask helps to reduce the cross infection of the virus from contaminating your fellow human beings. To wear a face mask is showing respect for your fellow humans, who may be vulnerable, or that may take the virus unknowingly into their home environments. It isn’t a 100% protection but it has been clearly shown that it minimises the risk of infecting others.

Just because you have no symptoms does NOT mean that you are one that is not capable of passing the virus to others.

To hear people say that Covid-19 is nothing more than flu is very disappointing and shows an ignorance difficult to imagine. There are hospitals being overrun with beds running out and unnecessary deaths and virus spread due to not taking the pandemic seriously.

Scientists now know that even those that have been mildly affected are later found to have their lungs to have been affected in ways as yet not understood but potentially long term, possibly permanent, respiratory damage.


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